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Rick Holdren Rick Holdren
Angel Investor and Founder
Appraisal & Mentor Group LLC
Houston, TX

Mr. Holdren currently owns Appraisal & Mentor Group LLC, a top-3 M & A and healthcare valuation firm with over 2500+ completed assignments including over 200 court valuations. His current investment is a 'virtual incubator' with 'space-act' agreement with NASA to commercialize its phase III SBIR companies with matching venture investment.

He is Co-Founder of Equivision, publicly traded on NASDAQ and sold for over $70 million cash, and EquiMed, a publicly traded cancer management company with a market cap over $200 million. Holdren has additionally co-founded/Invested in Physician Trust (venture backed by over 5 million in investment), DaVincian Technologies (picked by Bob Ryan's High-Tech Start-up Boot Camp), Austin Med Tech, a publicly traded surgical 'pack' company, DermAmerica, a national cosmetic dermatology firm and MD Pain Clinics. A serial entrepreneur, he has founded or invested in over 26 healthcare start-ups and was named as 2002 Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Mentor of the year.

Mr. Holdren previously was a partner in the nation's largest physician search firm, a director of physician relations at a major hospital management firm and co-founder of Texas's largest practice management firm.

Rick Holdren and his partner, Tom Wier, CPA, have a combined 22+ years in healthcare appraisal with over 2700 fee based assignments and participation in angel investing in over 26 start-ups.

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