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Royalty Securitizations: Were "Bowie Bonds" Just a Fad?

Matt Morris

Matt Morris
Fin|Econ Partners
Irving, TX

The Start-Up Enterprise Valley of Death

Richard Meyer

Richard Meyer
President, CIC Photonics, Inc.
President, Orion Technical Associates
Founding Board Member, National Association of Seed and Venture Funds Albuquerque, NM

Investing in Agricultural Renewable Energy

Ron Buckhalt

Ron Buckhalt
USDA-Office of Technology Transfer
Beltsville, MD

Royalty Entitlement Exchange

Arthur Lipper Arthur Lipper
British Far East Holdings Ltd.
Del Mar, CA
Building a Statewide Angel Network
Lorrie Heinemann Lorrie Heinemann
Cabinet Secretary
Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions
Madison, WI
Tom Still Tom Still
Wisconsin Technology Council
Madison, WI
Joe Kremer Joe Kremer
Wisconsin Angel Network
Madison, WI


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