Seed and Early Stage Investing Handbook

In progress: CFI is developing a curriculum of the knowledge and practice, largely unpublished, of leading investment professionals from multiple specialties. With their assistance, CFI is compiling basic information on the full range of tools used in seed and early stage investing. When complete, the curriculum, plus supporting examples of working documents, will be made widely available as instructional curriculum to a broad audience including policy makers, economic development leaders, community groups expanding seed capital resources for local entrepreneurs, and technology transfer mangers needing tools to evaluate commercial potential of technologies.

Handbook contents will include:

  • Background: U.S. seed and early stage investment industry
  • Public issues and standards
  • Basic Processes:
    > Venture capital funds
    > Angel investing
    > Technology investing
    > Corporate investing
    > University investing
  • Toolkit of terms and definitions
  • Models, practices and investment strategies for:
    > Intellectual property
    > Enterprise formation
    > Angels and angel groups
    > Seed and early stage venture capital funds
    > Syndications
    > Tech led development
  • Seed-Stage Venture Capital Fund Management

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