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The mission of the Capital Formation Institute (CFI) is to become the premier international research and educational entity in the fields of early stage capital financing and enterprise creation and growth. This mission will be accomplished by sponsoring and conducting leading edge research projects, by recruiting researchers, by soliciting program and project funding support from both public and private sources, and by organizing and conducting educational conferences, seminars, and workshops in the U.S. and worldwide (based upon this research).

(adopted by CFI Board Nov. 3, 2003)

Management Team

CFI is managed by its Corporate Board of Directors and is assisted by a volunteer Research Advisory Board. Board Members are: Dr. Richard T. Meyer, Chairman; Woodrow Maggard, President and CEO; Dan Loague, Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Director; and Director C. Michael Cassidy. The Board of Directors is now being expanded to a larger membership that will represent corporations, capital investment firms, federal organizations, universities, research entities, and entrepreneurs. The Board is responsible for setting CFI policy, programmatic goals, and fund-raising targets.

The Research Advisory Board (RAB) serves CFI's Corporate Board and the Executive and Research Directors. The RAB assists CFI in setting research priorities, reviewing research proposals, allocating research funds and advising on ongoing and completed research projects. Current RAB members are: Dr. Randall Goldsmith; Dr. Robert S. Schwartz; Dr. Joseph E. McCann III; Dr. William E. Wetzel, Jr.; Dr. Frank Hoy; and Dr. Patricia Greene.

Products and Services

CFI's products and services to those engaged in early-stage capital financing, business creation, and entrepreneurship include:
1. Sponsored and independent research
2. Industry surveys
3. Educational conferences, seminars, and workshops
4. Reports and papers derived from the research projects
5. Online articles and on-demand audio discussions
6. E-Newsletters and press releases (important findings from CFI's research)
7. National awards (CFI awards of recognition and outstanding performance to individuals or organizations)

Capital Formation Institute, Inc.
a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Office of Science, Technology Transfer and Economic Outreach
University at Buffalo, 1576 Sweet Home Rd., Amherst, NY 14228

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