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Valuation of Intellectual Property


Dan Broderick Dan Broderick
Managing Director
Mason Wells
Milwaukee, WI

Gary Bloomer Gary Bloomer
Client Development Director
Bozeman, MT

Recorded 7-12-05, 56 minutes

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1: Introduction

2: About Mason Wells - Dan Broderick

3: About Tech Ranch – Gary Bloomer

4: Broderick: Role of intellectual property in investing

5: Broderick: Investment risk and intellectual property

6: Bloomer: Role of intellectual property and investing

7: Costs of moving from disclosure to business concept

8: The IP value equation

9: Avoiding "ego patents"

10: IP milestones

11: Milestone markers

12: "Step forward-look back" strategies

13: Walking around money

14: IP investment metrics: scalability

15: IP investment metrics: management

16: Boards of directors

17: IP investment metrics: ROI

18: IP investment metrics: comparables

19: "Go-No Go" decision points

20: Pre-money value: the number on the paper

21: Negotiating valuation

22: Looking ahead

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