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Translational Research


Diane Vines Dr. Diane Welch Vines
President, Oregon Science and Technology Partnership and Coordinator of the Oregon Governor's Healthcare Workforce Initiative
Portland, OR

Vic Russo Vic Russo
President and CEO
Ben Franklin Technology Center of Central and Northern Pennsylvania, Inc

Recorded 1-31-05, 69 minutes

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Translational research:

"… is the further development of university technology leading to spinouts from universities or at least commercial activities extending beyond the scope of licensing. One of the problems is that the term translational has been used almost exclusively by the life-sciences community". Vic Russo

"… is taking an idea from the laboratory and proving it has some commercial application, then protecting it through the process". Diane Vines


1: Intro

2: Guest introductions

3: Universities, research and new enterprises

4: University-stage technologies and researchers

5: Role of licensing and strategic partnerships

6: The Bayh-Dole Act - is it still relevant and appropriate?

7: Translational research - defining the process

8: Assessing the commercial potential of technologies

9: Moving ideas from disclosure to developing their commercial potential

10: Making the decision to move an idea forward - who and when?

11: Innovative University partnerships that work

12: Funding translational research

13: SBIR grantees - enhancing development of companies

14: The "valley of death" in technology commercialization

15: State constitutional issues in commercializing University IP

16: How the federal government can help

17: University as enabler: creating and finding resources to develop business plans and conquer legal hurdles

18: Final thoughts: translational research and the university technology commercialization process

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