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Christine Copple Christine D. Copple, Ph.D.
President & CEO
Starise Ventures, Inc.
Potomac, MD

Tom Parks Paul H. Huleatt
World's Best Technologies
Phoenix, AZ

Recorded 8-26-05, 62 minutes

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1: Introductions

2: About ASM Resources

3: About Worlds Best Technologies Showcase

4: Venture forum basics:

  • Fund raising
  • The agenda
  • Optimal size

5: Importance of technology based companies

6: The technology venture forum difference

7: Recruiting forum participants

  • ASMR
  • WBT Showcase

8: Application and screening:

  • WBT Showcase
  • ASMR

9: Participant mentoring

10: The well prepared technologist

11: Attracting investors to a national event

12: Role of angel investors

13: Pitches and winning presentations

14: Building value networks

15: Metrics of success

16: Upcoming new and exciting events

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