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Social Capital Networks


Dave Barbe Dr. Patricia Greene
Dean, Undergraduate School
President’s Endowed Chair for Entrepreneurship
Babson College
Babson Park, MA

Recorded 9-7-05, 35 minutes

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1: Welcome

2: Introduction: Dr. Patricia Greene

3: About Babson College and Entrepreneurship

4: Importance of social capital and relevant networks

5: Networks and teams

6: Personal credibility

7: Social capital

8: Critical skill sets

9: Building key relationships

10: Importance of mentors

11: “If you only get the money, you didn't do it right”

12: How to approach angels and VCs for financing

13: Serial entrepreneurs  

14: Accelerators and Entrepreneurs-In-Residence

15: Deal facilitators

16: Full circle:  role of investment partners

17: Professional associations

18: Entrepreneurial success at Babson College

19: Upcoming projects

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