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Royalty Entitlement Exchange


Chris Onan

Arthur Lipper
British Far East Holdings Ltd.
Del Mar, CA

Recorded 1-11-07, 28 minutes

about the Royalty Entitlement Exchange

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1: Introduction

2: About the Guide for Venture Investing Angels

3: The equity related securities model

4: Unintended results of equity related investments

5: Continuing importance of basic investment principles

6: Strategy and tactics in producing a winning company

7: Predicting revenues and profits

8: About the Royalty Entitlement Exchange

9: Singapore: integrity, order and Sharia compliance

10: Royalty purchases versus other finance methods

11: Royalty arrangement advantages for entrepreneurs

12: Raising capital for projects

13: Timetable for implementation

14: Larry and Barry Guides

15: Future of Royalty Entitlement Exchange

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