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Metrics of VC Fund Performance


Chris Onan

Chris Onan
Appian Ventures
Denver, CO

Recorded 4-12-06, 34 minutes

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1: Introduction

2: About Appian Ventures

3: Importance of early stage investments

4: VC fund performance

5: Basic VC fund structure

6: Role of institutional investors

7: IRR as a primary measurement

8: Simple ROIs

9: Growth in VC fund sizes

10: VC staff and company boards

11: Opportunities and risks of seed stage investments

12: Drivers of IRR

13: Exits and liquidity

14: Gross fund proceeds vs net LP proceeds

15: Replicable success

16: Company  building vs company picking

17: Changing role of angels

18: Job creation and capstone companies

19: Capital efficiency and size of exits

20: Portfolio sales totals

21: Summing up

22: In closing

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