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Metrics of University Spinouts


Allen Dines Allen Dines
Assistant Director
Office of Corporate Relations
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI

Dick Sommerstad Dick Sommerstad
Office of Business Development
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

Recorded 4-22-05, 57 minutes

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The university has changed from an institution devoted solely to scholarly investigation and teaching. Today more universities engage in research in technologies that often have application in commercial markets. Many have developed policies and practices to promote economic development in their communities and regions. The “spinout”, a company coming from within the university itself, is one measure of success.


1: Introduction

2: University of Wisconsin-Madison - Allen Dines

3: University of Minnesota – Dick Sommerstad

4: Spinouts: getting ideas into the marketplace

5: The growth of spinout companies at universities

6: Attitudes at the university about entrepreneurial ventures

7: Meaning of metrics: asking the right questions

8: Defining a “spinout”

9: Measuring “hit rates”

10: Spinout success and size of investment

11: Examples of hits and home runs

12: Role of universities in creating and incubating new companies

13: When do startups become spinouts?

14: Setting limits of university support

15: Managing conflict of interest

16: Should universities provide “bootstrap” capital?

17: Private capital’s role in university spinout funding

18: Public-private partnerships

19: About MRUN - Midwest Research University Network

20: Defining “success” and hit rate benchmarks

21: Side benefits

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