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Investment Space and Syndications


Scott Albert M. Scott Albert
Managing General Partner
The Aurora Funds, Inc.
Durham, NC

Peter Kleinhenz Peter G. Kleinhenz
General Partner
CID Equity Partners
Columbus, OH

Recorded 5-4-05, 62 minutes

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Investment space, far more than a due diligence comfort zone, helps define the VC’s operational parameters and build a base for successful investments. Seed and early stage VC firms, capitalizing on the strengths of their investment space, can attract investment partners and create successful syndications to add significantly to the value equation of high growth companies.


1: Introductions

2: Aurora Funds - Scott Albert

3: CID Equity Partners - Peter Kleinhenz

4: "Space" and its importance in VC investing

5: What makes an investment attractive or a "pass"

6: Managing due diligence for deals not in your space

7: Building the perfect investment portfolio

8: Technical backgrounds of the VC professional

9: The importance of syndications

10: Rules for creating successful syndications

11: Syndication requirements for early stage and later stage partners

12: Syndication partner size: "dancing with elephants and playing with mice"

13: Working with entrepreneurs

14: Exits

15: Looking at the year ahead

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