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Matt Harris Matt Harris
Co-founder and Managing General Partner
Village Ventures
Williamstown, MA

John Ciannamea John Ciannamea
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Academy Venture Funds
Charlotte, NC

Recorded 6-9-05, 66 minutes

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1: Welcome to VC Online

2: Introduction: John Ciannamea

3: Introduction: Matt Harris

4: About Village Ventures

5: About Academy Funds

6: Attributes of seed deals

7: Attributes of angel vs. institutional deals

8: Risk assessments vs investment preferences

9: Seed and early stage investments in secondary U.S. markets

10: Matt Harris: role of due diligence in managing risk

11: John Ciannamea: role of due diligence in managing risk

12: Building the due diligence team

13: Deal champions and due diligence

14: Building the due diligence knowledge base

15: Advanced technologies ("lightning in a bottle") and due diligence

16: Role of technology experts

17: Key points in evaluating business plans and elevator pitches

18: Establishing management team credibility

19: Working with Entrepreneurs

20: Reading danger signals

21: Role of the market

22: Due diligence: art not science

23: The "Perfect Deal"

24: The upcoming year

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