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Building a Statewide Angel Network


Lorrie Heinman Lorrie Heinemann
Cabinet Secretary
Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions
Madison, WI

Tom Still Tom Still
Wisconsin Technology Council
Madison, WI

Joe Kremer Joe Kremer
Wisconsin Angel Network
Madison, WI

Recorded 1-29-07, 25 minutes

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CLICK FOR MORE about the Wisconsin 2003 Act 255

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1: Introduction

2: About the Department of Financial Institutions and Wisconsin Tech Council

3: Why early stage investing?

4: Importance of angels and a statewide network

5: First steps: identifying and connecting angels

6: Doing homework, getting buy in and building momentum

7: The Wisconsin Angel Network

8: Building quality deal flow

9: Bridging the entrepreneur-investor gap

10: Growing and sustaining the network

11: Measuring results

12: Tips on building a statewide angel network 

13: Wisconsin 2003 Act 255

14: Essentials for making it happen 

15: Next steps

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