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Featured Roundtable: Innovation Economics

"Obama's Techonomics Program"

Teleconference Host:

WBT Showcase World's Best Technologies

March 24-25, 2009
Arlington-DFW, TX

Keynote Speaker
Keith Crandell

Robert Boege
ASTRA – Alliance for Science and Technology Research in America

Washington DC

Discussion Leaders
Ray Felts
Connie Luthy
Marc Oettinger

Ray Felts

NineSigma, Inc.

Cleveland OH

  Connie Luthy, Ph.D.

   Medical Product


  Dallas  TX

Marc Oettinger Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA)

Washington DC   

The Breaking Story:

The U.S. House of Representatives leadership has moved quickly to increase funding for key scientific and engineering agencies as part of the latest economic stimulus package, now called the
American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009.  A vote is expected as early as this week, perehaps Thursday, January 22.

Very significant increases over FY 2009 Continuing Resolution amounts are proposed for key science agencies.  These include:

  • $3 billion for the National Science Foundation
  • $1.9 billion for the Department of Energy's Office of Science
  • $300 million for the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)

Both the R&D and education provisions of the new House initiative harmonize with President-elect Obama's promise to enhance innovation by providing short-term stimulus spending where it is needed, while providing a long-term basis for economic growth.  Click for details and then CLICK HERE for ASTRA's letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


·         The new funding could easily create a “gold rush” for science and technology funding.

·         Funding priorities may only stimulate an increase in the supply of intellectual “raw materials”.

·         Economic stimulus proposals may push out funding without clearly defined outcomes such as new product launches, improved value propositions for raw IP and technology and captal targetted at “high impact” SMEs, older companies that create the most jobs.  



Featured Roundtable: Innovation Economics

"Technology Investing in a Down Economy"

Teleconference Host:

WBT Showcase World's Best Technologies

March 24-25, 2009
Arlington-DFW, TX

Keith Crandell Keith L. Crandell
ARCH Venture Partners
Co-founder and Managing Director
Chicago, IL
John Adler John Adler
Silver Creek Ventures
General Partner
Dallas, TX

Discussion points:

  • What technology entrepreneurs need to know when requesting VC funding

  • Differences between technology investments and other VC investments

  • Differences between Wall Street investments and VC investments

  • Today’s down market vs. 2001-2002 investment bubbles and 9/11downturn

  • Possible declines in corporate acquisitions

  • Changes in VC term sheets, capital preservation, fund raising and more


Actions Issues For Innovation Economics

Listen to: Program 3 - Part 1

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Dan Loague

Dan Loague

Capital formation Institute

Washington DC



Jon Gregory

Jon Gregory

Golden Capital Network

Chico, CA

Effective Tools for Innovation Economics


Randall Goldsmith

Dr. Randall Goldsmith

Mississippi Technology Alliance

Professional Standards

Thomas Vass

Thomas Vass

Private Capital Market

Morrisville NC

Private Sector Leadership

Montie Roland

Montie Roland

Montie Design

Morrisville, NC

Community Innovation


Chris Gibbons

Chris Gibbons

Littleton Bus./ Ind. Affairs

Littleton CO

Self-sustaining Community Growth

Rachel Duran

Rachel Duran

Business Xpansion Journal  Lawrence, KS

Training and Certification

Ed Morrison

Ed Morrison

Institute for Open Economics

Cleveland OH

Effective Alliances and Networks

Richard Meyer

Dr. Richard Meyer

Orion Technical Associates

Albuquerque NM

Start-Up Financing

Jon Gregory

Jon Gregory

Golden Capital Network

Chico CA

Expanding Regional Capital

John Colwell

John Colwell

Mentor Capital Partners

Baltimore MD

SME Wealth and Exit Strategies





Q & A Session

  • Resources for SME new product development
  • Similarities between start-up companies and SMEs
  • Available entrepreneurial tool sets and training
  • Uses of "venture capital investing"
  • Outsourcing issues   
  • Decline of SME manufacturers in North Carolina
  • Final Comments         

Want to Learn More?

Get an update with: Introduction to Innovation Economics 

Teleconference Program 1

click and listen

In Progress Roundtable:
Hot Technologies & Sizzling Sectors


Bill Reichert

Bill Reichert

Managing Director
Garage Technology Ventures

Palo Alto, CA

Faruq Marikar Faruq Marikar, Ph.D.
Nanobiz, LLC
Scotch Plains , NJ

The Hot Technology Markets Roundtable goes behind the scenes, digs out critical details and helps separate sound investment fundamentals from technology sizzle.  Starting with an introduction to cleantech, our moderators and speakers come with little baggage and, in point-counterpoint style, help explain and demystify “hot” emerging technology markets. 


Click and Listen
* Introduction
* Teleconference 1 (recorded 1-16-08)

Coming Soon:
Start-Up Enterprises


Richard Meyer

Richard Meyer, Ph.D.
Orion Technical Associates
Founding Board Member –

National Association of Seed and Venture Funds



Introduction: Bridging the Entrepreneurial Funding Gap

   and in mid-2008:  Successful IP Licensing

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